What Are Vessel Sinks And What Are Their Advantages?

A vessel sink is a type of sink used in residential bathrooms that is typically bowl shaped, though occasionally they are rectangular, and made from materials such as granite, copper, glass, stainless steel, or porcelain. Vessel sink design is typically reminiscent of the wash basin, which is generally considered the earliest type of sink. The vessel sink unit is usually placed atop a counter or pedestal: Homeowners who are contemplating a bathroom remodel project might want to consider the following advantages of vessel sinks when deciding on a new bathroom vanity:

3 Plumbing Products That Can Save You Money

The average American homeowner welcomes any suggestions that might help reduce their monthly utility costs. If you are looking for a way to cut back on your water bill, spending money on some plumbing products could be a viable solution. Here are 3 plumbing products that can help regulate your water usage, which will reduce the amount of money you have to spend on your water bill each month. 1. Pressure Reducing Valve