Three Ways To Protect The Foundation Of Your House

The foundation of your house supports the entire structure, but like many homeowners, you might not realize that you can do anything at all to protect it. Here are just a few of the ways you can keep your foundation in good condition. Keep Soil Moist Enough You might not be aware of this, but changes in soil moisture around your house can cause your home's foundation to shift; as a result, some cracks could form. [Read More]

3 Natural, Non-Toxic Solutions To Clean Your Boat Dock

Whether you are renting one at the coast or have one off your lake house, the dock is an imperative part of your boat's function, operation, and value. Unfortunately, maintaining your boat dock can be difficult due to the possibility of water contamination. While surprising to hear, an estimated 5 million acres of lakes and 300,000 miles of rivers and streams are unfit for swimming and fishing. This water pollution may stem from a variety of issues including weathering, environmental concerns, and different pollutants, so ensuring your dock is cleaned in a safe, non-toxic manner is key to preventing further water contamination. [Read More]

Portable Pool Fencing Can Keep Your Family Safe

If you have installed a swimming pool and you may enjoy the way it looks without a fence. Unfortunately, if you occasionally have guests who visit with small children or pets, this may not be the safest option. The good news is there is a solution. Portable swimming pool fencing allows you to put up, as well as take down, your fencing when your guests leave.  What Is Portable Swimming Pool Fencing? [Read More]

2 Windows That Can Increase Your Home's Comfort

One of the best parts about replacing your home's windows is that it allows you to choose new windows that can greatly improve aspects of your home. For example, there are replacement window options that can make your home more energy efficient, easier to clean, safer, and more comfortable. Listed below are two window options that can make your home more comfortable. Soundproof Soundproof windows are a great option because they can help you block out a large amount of unwanted noise. [Read More]