Cleaning Method For Your Gutter's Exteriors

Most homeowners know that their gutters need cleaned out once or twice a year to ensure they aren't clogged with leaves, dirt or twigs. While cleaning the inside of the gutters and downspouts is no secret, you may be unaware that it is also possible to clean the outside of the gutters. Gutters can develop stains on their exterior from dirt or weathering. These stains are often called tiger striping due to their vertical formation. [Read More]

How To Clean Up Mold From Behind A Leaking Refrigerator

Refrigerators with built-in ice makers can be good to have around to cool drinks on a hot summer day, but you have to be careful about leaks occurring in the waterline going to the ice maker. A slow leak can go unnoticed for months while the floor and wall behind the refrigerator becomes saturated with moisture. In time, mold can start growing on the wall and floor. You can tell you have mold growing because it normally causes white, brown, or black streaks and dots to appear in the wet areas of the floor and wall. [Read More]

Painting Damaged Drywall

No matter how vigilant you are when it comes to caring for your home, you will likely discover a piece of drywall that has been damaged by a water leak at some point in the future. Drywall that has been damaged by water can become stained, leaving an eyesore on the walls of your home. Painting over damaged drywall can be tricky, so here are three steps that you should follow to ensure the patch of drywall you repair matches the existing wall. [Read More]

Three Ways To Protect The Foundation Of Your House

The foundation of your house supports the entire structure, but like many homeowners, you might not realize that you can do anything at all to protect it. Here are just a few of the ways you can keep your foundation in good condition. Keep Soil Moist Enough You might not be aware of this, but changes in soil moisture around your house can cause your home's foundation to shift; as a result, some cracks could form. [Read More]