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4 Masonry Ideas To Give Your New Privacy Fence Elegant Features And Durability

If you are planning on installing a new privacy fence for your home, there are a lot of options to consider for the materials. Masonry can be a great solution for some of the areas of the design, and it can also provide a solid foundation to make your new fence durable enough to last for years. The following ideas are some of the masonry solutions that you will want to consider integrating into your new privacy fence design:

1. Establishing the Fence Boundaries and Dividing Fence Sections with Attractive Masonry Pillars

The first thing that needs to be done with the design of a new fence is establishing the boundaries where the new fence is going to be installed. Once you have established the location of the fence, masonry can be used with pillars that support the fence sections and give your new fence attractive features. Exterior lighting can also be installed on top of the pillars, which will give you an attractive solution for landscaping and outdoor living space lighting.

2. Using Attractive Masonry Walls for an Attractive and Solid Foundation for a New Privacy Fence

Attractive masonry walls can also be used to create a new privacy fence. This is a great solution for any type of fence but can be used in front of your home too. In front of your home, there may be visibility requirements that need to be met, which is why you may want to use masonry walls to provide more privacy to the front yard. Masonry walls can also have other features and be useful for the design of backyard spaces.

3. Integrating Planters and Bench Seating into Your Privacy Fence for Backyard Outdoor Living Space

In your backyard, you may want to have an outdoor living space, which can be improved with masonry features. If you have masonry walls for other areas of your fence, the walls in backyard living areas can include features like planters and bench seating. Planter boxes can even be lined with a membrane for a garden pond and aquatic garden for your outdoor space.

4. Creating Attractive Arches and Masonry Details for Garden and Entrance Gates with Your New Privacy Fence

The entrance of your property is also important, and you want it to be attractive and provide privacy. Masonry can be used with columns and decorative details to enhance the entrance areas. You may also want to consider additional features for these areas such as arches made of brick or stone, as well as a pavilion or awning coverings to protect gates from rain and weather.

These are some of the design ideas for your new privacy fence that include masonry walls, pillars, and more. If you are ready to build a new privacy fence and want to include these features in the design, contact a masonry company such as G.H. Erickson & Son and talk to them about what needs to be done to start the project with the masonry features.