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Common Sensors That Fail On Modern Washing Machines

You picked out a nice modern washing machine with all those cool electronic features, and for the most part, you have really enjoyed having this appliance around to do your laundry. Most people are pretty pleased with washing machines that can do things like detecting how much water should go in the tub and when clothes are ready for the dryer. However, the one problem that can come along with a modern washing machine with a lot of technical features is that the sensors that make these features possible can fail. Here is a look at some of the common sensors that fail on modern washing machines. 

Load Level Sensors 

Load level sensors are designed to accurately measure the amount of clothing you have placed inside the machine so it can adequately disperse enough water to wash the load. If the load level sensor fails, the washer can no longer determine how much water is needed to adequately wash the load. In some cases, the machine will stop filling with water at all because the sensor has failed and the machine will not realize there is anything in the tub at all. However, it is also possible that the washing machine will automatically disperse the largest amount of water for a load even if it is a smaller load. 

Imbalanced Load Sensors 

This sensor only really applies to upright washing machines that load from the top, as front-load machines do not have the same balancing issues. If your washing machine has a failed imbalanced load sensor, it will not shut down when the load is off balance and the tub is being violently shaken back and forth. Unfortunately, when this sensor fails and the washing machine is off-balance, it can cause major appliance issues. For example, the tub may get thrown off of its seat where the seal prevents leakage from occurring. 

Water Level Sensors 

The water level sensors serve the vital purpose of letting the washing machine know when there is enough water in the tub. If a water level sensor is not working, the machine can actually let out too much water to a point that the tub gets overloaded with fluid and starts to spill out. If you have a good washing machine, it will have a backup sensor that will automatically shut the water off when so many gallons have been dispersed. Nevertheless, the water level sensor still needs to be replaced. 

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