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Buying Rural Land? You Must Get A Boundary Survey!

Whether you are buying a rural parcel of land to build your dream home or vacation cabin, it's vital you obtain a boundary survey before completing the sale.

To perform a boundary survey, a licensed land surveyor will use the deed for the property and physically walk the land to determine many different important legal aspects of the property you need to know as its buyer. 

What Boundary Surveys Determine

Professional boundary surveys determine various legal aspects of a parcel of land, including the:

  • corners of the parcel
  • property lines
  • property easements
  • property encroachments

As a rural land buyer, it's very important you know exactly what property will be yours if you finalize the purchase. In addition, it's vital to know if the land has any encroachments or easements. 

For example, most lots of property have easements where utility lines have been installed overhead or are buried. The property easement gives the utility operators the freedom to work on their lines or install new ones without having to get your permission.

Properties bordering other parcels without road access often come with encroachments allowing the other landowners to cross your land to get to their own. It's important you know about these situations, because if you were to install a fence to prevent the neighbor from traveling across your land or to prevent the utility company from accessing their equipment, then you might be required to remove it.

How Boundary Surveys are Performed

Before physically visiting the property to be surveyed, the land surveyor spends some time at the local county offices reviewing the deed and past ownership of the land. Once this research has been completed, then the surveyor uses specialized tools and GPS readings to find the exact legal corners and lot lines. Typically, stakes will be driven into the ground at the corners so the new landowner will have a visual representation of their new property's boundaries.

Once the fieldwork is completed, then the land surveyor will go back to their office and generate a complete report of the property for you as the buyer.

A Final Note About Boundary Surveying of Rural Land

Finally, it's important to note that boundary surveying of rural land is very important to prevent future neighbor disputes when installing fences or other structures and it also can go a long way towards preventing problems with bordering landowners or utility companies. While boundary surveying is an added cost when purchasing land, it is well worth the money in the long run.