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3 Reasons Why You Should Never Steal Work Zone Equipment Placed By Road Repair Contractors

Some teenagers and a few adults think it is funny and/or exciting to steal work zone equipment after it has been left in place by road repair crews and contractors. It is neither funny nor exciting, considering the many probable repercussions of taking what it is not yours. Here are three reasons for not removing this equipment without a contractor's permission.

1. Road Cones Keep People Away From Dangerous Areas

The whole point to road cones is to signal drivers that they are in an area where potential danger lurks. They need to stay on one side of the road cones to stay safe. If you remove these cones, you are leaving places open to drivers where they might be seriously injured, or worse, suffer a fatality. Sadly, the road crew and contractor could be sued for that, even though they did have cones out there to prevent such unfortunate events. If you are discovered as the culprit, and ultimately the person responsible, you could be jailed as well as fined. 

2. Water or Sand Barrels Keep Vehicles Away From Drying Concrete

Water or sand barrels keep vehicles from crashing head-first into concrete supports for construction occurring on overhead passes. Protecting the newly fabricated supports protects the unfinished work above. Stealing these water barrels for personal use (some people steal them to catch rainwater, or to water their gardens/lawns), or stealing sand barrels for the sand, puts the entire overhead project at serious risk if a motorist were to crash into the supporting structure and/or drying concrete. 

3. The Expense for Stolen Goods Is Passed on to Taxpayers

If you pay taxes, do you really want to pay even more in taxes? That is what you would be doing if you take items like safety vests and hard hats that have been accidentally left behind. Goods stolen from road construction and road repair sites are charged to the final bill that these contractors hand to the state. The state then raises taxes to pay for the roads and the related bills that include stolen work zone items. If you think you are getting something "cool" for free, you are not. Either you or your parents will have to pay more in state taxes to make up for these thefts, and nobody likes that. Leave these items and equipment where you find them and consider it your contribution to fewer deaths and lower taxes. 

To learn more, contact your local work zone equipment suppliers.