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3 Features To Add To Your Shower Enclosure For Storage

In an ideal world, you would be able to drag your shampoo, conditioner, loofah, and body soap out of the cabinet or bathroom closet every time you got in the shower and put it all back when you're done. However, the average person only sets aside a mere moment for a quick shower in their busy schedule for the day, so it is much more feasible to have storage or shelving in your shower to hold all your necessities in a neat way. If you have a basic shower enclosure with glass doors, you are going to want whatever storage you have inside to fit right in. Take a look at a few innovative ideas. 

Have glass shelves installed in your shower.

Glass shelves work really well in a modern-day shower enclosure. The shelves are pretty inconspicuous and do not take up a lot of space. They can be installed in the corner of the shower in a stacked fashion so you get multiple surfaces to store your shower-related items, and the shelves do not take a lot of time to install. Usually held in place by simple hardware, these shelves are stable and offer beveled edges that are smoothed so you do not bump against them and hurt yourself while you shower. 

Reach out to a contractor to install a recessed niche. 

A recessed niche is pretty convenient to have and does not take away from the space you have available in your shower because it is recessed into the wall. The shower niche can just be an open unit or it can have multiple shelves inside to store your items. Some shower niches are even installed with a door to keep your items concealed when the shower is not in use, which can be an excellent way to continue the seamless design. 

Get yourself an upscale shower caddy. 

Shower caddies are the go-to fixture if you do not have enough shelf space in your shower, and these things have really evolved over the last several years. Of course, you can go with the basic caddy that hangs over the shower nozzle, but you can also find them that stand in the corner of the shower or attach to the wall as well. Find a caddy that is made of a material that matches the walls of your shower so it does not stand out or interrupt the visual appearance of the space.