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Reasons To Rent Your Home With The Help Of A Property Manager When It Won't Sell

If you need to move to another state for your job but can't sell your old home before you move, you should consider renting it for a year or two until the market is more favorable for sales in your area. This beats letting your home sit vacant and be at risk of vandalism, plus you can make some money to cover the cost of maintaining two mortgages. When you hire a property manager to care for the property and watch over it, you won't even have to worry about your home when you're far away. Here are some reasons to let a property management company care for your rental home.

They Can Find The Best Renters

Finding the ideal renters is a concern because you want renters with good credit and who won't destroy your house. A property management company will do a background and credit check on renters before letting them move in. It may even be possible to run a check on the previous renting history and payment history to make sure no one with late payment habits or hoarding problems moves in. The property management company can even advertise your home to attract interested parties so your home won't sit vacant for very long between renters.

They Make Collecting Rent A Smooth Process

Collecting rent can be a hassle when you live in a different state, but the process is easy when the rent is collected by a management company. The company may have the ability for renters to pay online for convenience. This makes it easier for everyone since the money can then be direct deposited into your bank account. The management company can also follow up on late payments and proceed with an eviction if necessary without you having to get involved.

They Take Care Of Repairs And Maintenance

One of the best things about having your property maintained by professionals is that you don't have to worry about an air conditioner going out or a hot water heater breaking down. A property management company takes emergency calls even at night so emergency repairs can be made or damage stopped until the proper contractors can be brought in. Your home will be kept in good repair and cleaned between renters. You'll be kept informed about maintenance that needs done such as painting and replacing carpet so your home always stays in the best condition to warrant a good price in the rental market.

While renting out a house when you live far from it may seem like a frightening idea, it's actually a better option than letting your house stay empty. Raccoons might tear up your attic or vandals might knock out a window and you'll not know about it if you don't have someone watching over and caring for your home once you're gone.

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