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Four Scenarios Where Tree Removal Is An Absolute Necessity

Removing a tree is a big job, especially if the tree has grown very wide and very tall. However, there are just some times where you have to remove a tree. The following four scenarios point to those times where removing a tree is an absolute necessity.

The Tree Is Completely Dead and Leaning Towards a Structure

Trees can grow quite old, but even they eventually die. If you have such a tree, it can become dangerous very quickly. When that tree starts to lean toward your house, your garage, or a neighbor's house or garage, it has to be removed. It only takes one violent windstorm to uproot a dead, massive tree, and then it falls where it leans. 

The Tree Is Infested with an Uncontrollable Disease or Pest

Dutch Elm's disease is one such disease where a tree has to be removed. This disease quickly spreads to all of the elm trees in the neighborhood, and will cause many of the elms to die. If the tree expert or tree doctor says your elm tree has Dutch Elm's disease, it has to go.

Likewise, if your tree is constantly infested with a pest, such as tent caterpillars or emerald ash borers, your tree needs to go. These insects are relentless in their pursuit of nesting grounds and food, and will often return to the same tree again and again, despite spraying the tree regularly. Removing the source of food and breeding grounds removes the pest not only from your yard, but from the trees in the neighborhood as well.

The Tree Was Struck by Lightning and Was on Fire

Trees, being what they are, immediately ignite when lightning strikes. They will burn for quite some time until they are extinguished, and by then the tree is usually dead. If left standing in place, it will eventually fall any which direction the wind blows. Taking it down and removing it is not only removing an eyesore, but also removing a potential danger.

The Tree Is Entirely in the Way of New Construction

A tree that is growing within a few feet of where construction contractors are pouring a foundation is likely to meet and crack that foundation within a couple decades. Ergo, it is considered "in the way," and must be removed. Trees that are on the land where new construction will be erected are definitely in the way, and should be removed as well.

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