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Buying Land? First Investigate The Groundwater

Just because the area where you found an amazing lot and want to build your luxury home looks like paradise on earth, that doesn't necessarily mean the groundwater is usable or even accessible. The last thing you want to do is buy the land to build your dream home and then discover that you don't have any access to potable water! And, you might be surprised to learn how many first-time land buyers have found themselves in this exact position. To avoid this fate here is some information about how to determine if your potential home site has a clean and accessible water source:

Call Up a Local Water Well Drilling Company

If you want to learn about a community's resources, then you would likely seek out the local resource center. In the same vein, when you want to know about groundwater accessibility and quality, then you should seek out a local well drilling company. Since most remote areas only have one or two drilling companies to choose from, it is a good bet that the well-drilling contractor you call has previously drilled in close proximity to the property in question.

Before becoming too attached to a plot of land, give a quick call to the local well driller and ask about the quality and depth of the local groundwater. The people who drill wells are very knowledgeable about the local aquifer situation and any areas where contaminants or seriously deep water are a problem.

Talk to the Local Health Department

Some areas are known to have contaminants in their groundwater that are harmful to people and animals. Due to the health threat, the local health department will be apprised of the situation.

A quick call to the health department to ask about known groundwater contamination in the lot's area is a very smart move. The health department wants you to be safe and doesn't have any conflicts of interest that prevent them from talking to you openly about local water concerns.

Speak with the Property's Neighbors

Finally, you can also ask nearby neighbors of the property what their experience has been with the water. However, when speaking to neighbors you need to always take what you are told with a grain of salt. You never know who is friends with who, and if someone is intentionally hiding disparaging information so the lot of land will sell for their friend.  

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