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Five Factors You Need To Look Into When Choosing A Gate For A Home Garden

Garden gates can be highly useful around a home not only for security or other functional measures, but also for appearances. If you're planning to have a garden gate constructed, there are a variety of different factors you need to look into to decide on the best possible gate design for your particular circumstances.

The following are five factors you need to consider before you get started purchasing materials and constructing your gate:


It could be that the main function of the gate you're planning is to offer security against either human intruders or animal pests. In this case, the security demands you're under are going to be primary factors in choosing your gate design.

However, even if security is not the reason for your wanting to construct a gate, you should consider how your gate can offer protection to both your home and garden. 

The need for a permit

In some municipalities, it's necessary to acquire a permit before you can begin the construction of a gate and fence. You need to look into whether or not you need a permit before construction begins so you avoid potential fees and conflict with your township. 


The material you choose depends on both your aesthetic and functional goals. If you need a sturdy gate that's going to keep human and animal intruders out, you may need to opt for a wooden gate and fence. However, if your gate is more decorative, an ornate metalwork option might be preferable. 

You also need to consider your climate. If you're in an area with a lot of rainfall, you're going to have to fight rot of wooden materials and rusting of metal materials. Some other options to consider for materials are brick and stone. 


The height of your gate and fence will depend mostly on security demands. If you're looking to keep out intruders, you need to make your gate high enough so that it can't easily be stepped over. 


A lot of home gardens are cultivated for purely aesthetic reasons. The appearance of your gate is going to have a big impact on the appearance of your garden. 

If you determine that a wooden gate is best for you, you can improve its appearance by painting it. An ornate metalwork gate can be a great complement to an old fashioned English garden. You can enhance the appearance of a metal gate by also using it as a climber for flowering vines. Contact a company like Anvil Iron Works, Inc. to learn more.