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Updating Your Bathroom With Frameless Shower Doors

Finding ways to increase the value of your home can be challenging, but opting to update the appearance and function of your home's bathrooms can be beneficial in helping you build equity in your property. A bathroom remodel gives you the opportunity to change the way your bathroom looks, so selecting the right appliances and features is critical to the success of your project.

If you are updating a bathroom with a shower, you may want to consider the addition of frameless shower doors. Here are three reasons why these types of doors can be smart investments in your bathroom remodel.

1. Frameless shower doors have a modern aesthetic.

If your primary goal for your bathroom remodel is to create a relaxing and modern retreat, then the incorporation of frameless shower doors into your design can be beneficial. Many high-end homes and spas have frameless shower doors.

Since these types of shower enclosures are associated with upscale properties, adding them to your own home can help you create a more modern aesthetic within your bathroom living space.

2. Frameless shower doors are easy to clean.

Modern families often have busy schedules. Between work, school, and family obligations, there isn't much time left at the end of the day for cleaning.

If you are hoping to streamline the cleaning process in your bathroom through a remodel, then frameless shower doors could be a great solution. Since these shower enclosures feature large, clear sheets of glass that can be cleaned with a simple glass cleaner, you can eliminate the added work of scrubbing an aluminum shower door frame each time you clean your bathroom.

3. Frameless shower doors can make your bathroom feel larger.

Creating the illusion of space is important to homeowners with small bathrooms. Anytime the line-of-sight is disrupted, a room can feel smaller than it actually is. Frameless shower doors offer the potential for an unobstructed view within your bathroom.

There are no metal frames to block your vision, allowing your eye to see completely through your bathroom living space. This optical illusion helps to create the feel of a larger bathroom, which can add to the value of your home.

When you are completing a bathroom remodel, you should consider the addition of frameless shower doors. These doors will help you create a modern aesthetic, reduce your cleaning time, and provide you with a bathroom that feels larger than it actually is. For more information, contact a business such as South Jersey Glass & Door.