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How Sealcoating The Parking Lot Can Help Your Business

It can be surprising how something as simple as having the parking lot seal coated can affect your business. You may have never taken any notice of the parking lot other than to have someone pick up any trash regularly. If you want to help your business to thrive and grow here are a few ways seal coating the asphalt parking lot can help.

First Impressions

If your parking lot is full of pot holes or looks like it could cause damage to a vehicle driving on it, potential new customers may drive on by and go to your competition. Not so much because they are afraid of damaging the car, but because of the impression it gives of your business. They may see it as a sign that you are not concerned about the cleanliness of the business. You are not concerned with the customer's safety in the parking lot so you may not care about the safety of your business practices in general. First impressions go a long way in generating new business or keeping people away. Customer opinion and satisfaction is an important part of being a business owner.

Free Up Time and Money

Paying to have a parking lot sealed will save your employees from having to fill cracks and repaint parking lines. This gives them more time to get work done inside. It will also save you from having to have the whole parking lot resurfaced due to cracks and potholes. Resurfacing will cost you more than seal coating. As long as you have the lot resealed every two to three years you should be able to keep the lot looking good and not have to pay for expensive repairs. The sealant will prevent water from getting into cracks and seeping under the asphalt causing large areas of the parking lot to lift and crumble. This is especially likely to happen during cold weather when the may freeze and thaw repeatedly.

When you contact an asphalt company to seal the parking lot, ask to set up an appointment for a few years in advance. The company will contact you to remind you and make any changes to the appointment time or date if necessary. This will allow you to take the parking lot maintenance off your list of things to do freeing up your time to take care of other aspects of your business that need your attention.