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The Reasons You Need To Have Your Newly Constructed House Inspected Before Moving In

When you hire a building contractor to build the house of your dreams, you may have done a lot of research about that contractor's reputation for providing high-quality craftsmanship. You may have also had to contact inspectors to obtain certain types of permits during the construction of your home. However, you may have not given any thought to having your newly constructed house inspected after it is finished because it is, after all, brand new and was built by a trustworthy builder. Your building contractor may be one of the best, but learning why to have your new house inspected prior to moving in it is important.

Intermittent Inspections Are Necessary And Important

Having your new house inspected at various intervals during its construction is best to catch any problems that would otherwise be hard to spot. Once the foundation is poured, have it inspected. You need to make sure the foundation is not crossing over property lines or that it is being built on a proper slope.  After the framing is done, have it inspected. Have an inspector check the wiring and plumbing that has been placed before sheetrock is hung. In this way, you will be able to see what is going behind the walls of your new house. This is also a good time to ensure any design changes, like outlet placements, have been done.  Any problems found by your inspector are easier to spot and repair before sheetrock is hung.

A Final Inspection Is Paramount                                                 

After your house is finished, having it inspected again is paramount. For example, an inspector will make sure all the outlets are working and that your appliances are operational. Your final inspection will also include details about the grade slope and whether or not the flashing on your roof is on correctly. Your inspector will also check for leaks or if there are any voids in the mortar if your home is sided with brick. Once the final inspection is completed, you will have a legal report in your hand so you will know your investment is for only high-quality and durable craftsmanship.

Moving into a newly constructed house is an exciting experience and one that should never be spoiled by construction problems. Your first night in your new house should be enjoyable and not overshadowed by issues like the toilets not flushing properly or the outlet next to your bed not working. Making the investment in the inspection of a new construction is wise. Contact a company like Otto Rosenau & Associates Inc for more information about the process.