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How To Kill Weeds In Concrete And Repair The Damage

It starts with just a small crack, but soon it expands and weeds and grass take root. This then leads to further damage as the small roots work to rip apart your concrete sidewalk or driveway. A single weed may seem harmless, but it is the beginning of a downward spiral if you don't tend to the problem right away. The following can help you save your paved surfaces.

#1: Remove all existing weeds

Begin by destroying the weeds. It's best to use a broad spectrum herbicide as opposed to trying to pull the plants. This is because weeds can have extensive root systems. A strong tug can cause them to further widen the crack or damage the concrete. Instead, spray them with herbicide and allow them to die. Then you can tug the weed out. Since the dead roots are more brittle, they shouldn't damage the concrete.

#2: Scrape out the soil

Dirt and soil get stuck in cracks, which is why a plant was able to grow there in the first place. Take something narrower than the crack, such as a thin chisel or a flathead screwdriver, and scrape out the dirt that has collected in the crack. As an alternative, use a strong shop vacuum to suck the dirt out of the cracks. Then, rinse the area with water and allow it to dry out.

#3: Fill in the cracks

Once the area has dried, you will need to tackle the cracks so that soil and plants don't invade again. The easiest way to do this is with a concrete crack filler. Crack filler comes in a tube, similar to caulk. It is slightly rubberized so that it will expand and contract with the concrete during temperature changes, which prevents it from cracking again. Simply squeeze it into the crack, filling it until it is level. You can smooth the top with a gloved finger, similar to how you would caulk. Allow it to dry completely before walking or driving on the concrete. If a crack is more than a finger's width wide, you will need to pre-fill it. Foam rods for repairing concrete, available at hardware stores, can be cut to size and then forced into the crack. Then, apply the crack filler on top of the rod.

For severely damaged concrete, or concrete that has begun to heave along a crack, contact a paving business, such as Max Commercial Construction. They can relevel the paved area or resurface it with a fresh concrete layer so that it looks like new again.