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Buying A Metal Fence? Tips For Picking A Color

When getting a new fence for your yard, you want one that looks great and will be able to last for many years without much maintenance. This is why metal fencing can be such a great choice. While using black was a common color for metal fencing in the past, mainly to simulate the look of wrought iron that was so popular many years ago, you now have many options for the color of the material. If you are having trouble deciding on a color, these tips can help you narrow it down.

Being A Nice Neighbor

Your fence is going to most likely be sharing a property line with a neighbor. Always try to consider them when it comes to selecting a fencing material. They may help sway you to one color over another or be willing to go in on the cost the select something that they want. Compromising on the color can also help you be friendly with your neighbors instead of causing a visual eyesore for them that will cause them to hold a grudge.

Blending In

If the purpose of the fence is to provide security and privacy or make clear where your property line is, you may want a fencing color that will blend in rather than stick out. For most homes, green is ideal since it blends in with the landscaping. All the surrounding shrubbery or grass will go well with a green fence. Avoid an unnatural color and go with a bronze-green, which will look natural without standing out.

Standing Out

When metal fencing is manufactured, the color is added in so that it is blended throughout the material. It will help the finish last for the lifetime that you have the fence without needing much maintenance. If you want the fence to stand out, pick a shade that will pop. White will be a great choice without being too extreme, since it provides a look that is fresh and clean. A non-traditional color, like bright blue, could also create a look that makes it a focal point of your home rather than an accent.

Sticking To Tradition

Going with a basic black shade is always a safe bet, since it simulates that look of wrought iron. Black will also blend in with the existing color and style of almost any home. Bronze looks very similar to using black when viewed from far away, but up close will stand out subtly, looking great against brick.

For more tips on selecting a color, speak with a fencing contractor from a company like All Counties Fence and Supply