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Looking Into A Brand New Roof? Consider These 3 Shingle Types

When the time comes to replace your roof, you will quickly realize that you may have many options for the shingles that will be installed.  Narrow down your selection by considering these 3 shingles that are quite different from those made out of traditional asphalt. 

The Architectural Laminated Shingle

You can go a step further than asphalt shingles by upgrading them to architectural laminated shingles, also known as dimensional shingles. The shingle is created in a way that resembles cedar shakes.  The additional height will cause it to have a 3D look to it that gives your home character and elegance. 

Architectural laminated shingles will hide flaws in your roof much better than if you had asphalt shingles.  Architectural laminated shingles can also withstand winds better, and the additional thickness helps prevent the shingles from breaking down as easily. Expect to pay more for this type of shingle, but know that the benefits could outweigh the price. 

The Algae Resistant Shingle

Algae, moss, and mold can cause your roof to become discolored.  In addition, moss can grow underneath shingles, which will leave your roof deck prone to rotting and eventually leaking.  A build-up of moss will also create a problem where debris can collect on your shingles, which can cause water to pool.

While algae-proof shingles will not completely eliminate the possibility of getting algae, they help your roof fight off mosses and molds that can grow due to the copper granules found in the material.  Taking additional preventative steps, like trimming trees that create shade on the roof, will help the shingles do their job.

The Metal Shingle

When you imagine what a metal roof looks like, you may be picturing long metal panels that you typically see on a country home or a barn.  Metal roofing can be very versatile, and when it is manufactured, it can be made to resemble other shingle types.  This includes the look of clay tile or wood. 

The appearance of metal shingles could be very different depending on what was done to them.  Leaving them alone will cause the metal to look shiny and bright, but putting a protective roof coating on the material can cause it to look similar to slate.  The metal roofing can also be purchased in aluminum, steel, or copper.

For more information about any of these 3 shingle types, reach out to a local roofer in your area, such as GBS Enterprises Roofing.