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Portable Pool Fencing Can Keep Your Family Safe

If you have installed a swimming pool and you may enjoy the way it looks without a fence. Unfortunately, if you occasionally have guests who visit with small children or pets, this may not be the safest option. The good news is there is a solution. Portable swimming pool fencing allows you to put up, as well as take down, your fencing when your guests leave. 

What Is Portable Swimming Pool Fencing?

Drowning is the leading cause of injuries leading to death in children between the ages of 1 - 4. But not just young children are at risk. Drowning is the fifth leading cause of unintentional death for people of any age. Portable swimming pool fencing can help to reduce this risk.

Portable, removable, or temporary swimming pool fencing is fencing that you are able to erect around your swimming pool, or any other hazard relatively quickly and with minimal tools. Although the designs vary by manufacturer, most of them are designed with refillable pole bases. These bases are then filled with sand or water to give them substantial weight. This gives your vertical fence pools a solid base and keeps your fence from being moved.

Once your poles are in place, you are then able to connect your fencing panels. These panels are normally constructed from some type of fine mesh. This gives you the ability to see through them and monitor the activities that are taking place in your pool. 

Although portable fencing panels are available in a variety of heights, most are tall enough to create a hurdle to those who may try to climb over them. When you no longer need your fencing, it is easy to take down and store away.

What To Look For When Shopping For Portable Swimming Pool Fencing

When shopping for portable swimming pool fencing, look for fencing that will completely enclose your pool. This is safer than fencing that using your home as the fourth side. By fully enclosing it, you eliminate points of access. 

Purchase a fence that is made up of panels constructed with small openings. Whether these panels are made from mesh or other materials, the smaller the openings the less likely these openings can be used as hand holds or toe holds for those who attempt to climb over.

Ensure your portable fencing has a gate that can be locked or fully secured and these locks or latches are beyond the reach of a small child. Look for magnetic, or self-closing gates. This will keep you from accidentally leaving the gate open, as well as prevent a child from quickly gaining access to the space. Consider adding some type of pool alarm to the gate door, or to the pool itself.

No type of swimming pool fencing is completely child proof. Although they will help to provide an additional level of safety, they should never be used as a substitute for adult supervision. 

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