What You Need to Know to Find the Perfect Windows

2 Windows That Can Increase Your Home's Comfort

One of the best parts about replacing your home's windows is that it allows you to choose new windows that can greatly improve aspects of your home. For example, there are replacement window options that can make your home more energy efficient, easier to clean, safer, and more comfortable. Listed below are two window options that can make your home more comfortable.


Soundproof windows are a great option because they can help you block out a large amount of unwanted noise. This feature makes soundproof windows indispensable if you live near noisy neighbors, in a busy part of town, or near a school.

Soundproof windows are designed to block anywhere between 90% and 95% of sound. This is achieved either through a single extra-thick pane of glass or multiple panes of glass.

Soundproof windows are also able to help you keep your neighbors happy as you can be louder within your home without having to worry as much about the noise reaching them. However, it should be noted that your soundproof windows will not make your home completely immune to sound because they will only block sound that is passing through the windows.


Another type of window that can make your home more comfortable is a light-blocking window. These windows are also referred to as electrochromic windows and are designed to have adjustable darkness levels.

Electrochromic windows are meant to be connected to a switch and power so that you can apply a charge to them in order to make the glass darker. These windows will typically block about 98% of light.

At the darkest settings the electrochromic window can become almost completely opaque which makes it perfect for use in a bedroom if you need to sleep during the day or want complete darkness when you sleep. This is also ideal for use in a home theater or office where light from the window can interfere with the picture quality on your television, monitor, or projector screen.

Another benefit to this type of glass is that it can help keep the temperature down within your home. Since these windows can block a large portion of sunlight from entering your home, that sunlight will not be able to heat up the air within your home.

Contact a contractor today, like Treasure Valley Seamless Siding, in order to discuss the many window replacement options that can benefit you and your family. Light-blocking and soundproof windows are both great options if you are looking to make your home more comfortable.