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3 Signs Your Well Pump Needs Servicing

Your home needs a well pump to push the water into your home and keep everything running smoothly. If your well pump starts acting up, it could end costing you a lot of money to fix the problem if you don't do something about it right away. You need to know what the warning signs are and what you need to do to correct the problem. If you notice one of the following signs with your pump, you need to turn to a licensed professional for help.

High Electric Bills

Oftentimes, your electric bill will start to skyrocket out of control. This generally occurs because your pump is constantly running in an attempt to keep up with the demands of your home. It struggles to maintain adequate water pressure, thus causing your pump to work overtime and place an unnecessary amount of strain on the system. Before you know it, your well pump ends up failing and you are stuck with no way to get the water into your home.

Low Water Pressure

Water goes into the tank through the bladder until it gets to the point where the pressure ends up tripping the switch. As you run water in your home, the air in your tank squeezes the bladder and pushes the water out. After the water in the tank is gone, the pressure drops and reactivates the switch that turns your pump on to begin the cycle all over again. When the tank cannot maintain the proper pressure, your pump ends up having to work harder in an attempt to fill your tank. A plumber can adjust the bladder for you to see if that might help address the situation. Otherwise, you need to see about having the switch in your pump replaced.

Dirty Water

If the water starts coming out cloudy or murky, it might be that your well pump isn't functioning properly. When the pump starts going bad, it cannot filter the water properly. This causes it to pull contaminants from the ground around it, making it appear murky, cloudy or discolored.

Don't ignore any repairs that need to be done. Putting off repairing the switch in your pump could end up costing you a new pump, which is far costlier than just changing out the switch. While you might not think it is that big of a deal now, those repairs could end up costing a fortune in the end. Contact a company like Seismic Drilling for more information or assistance with your well pump.