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5 Reasons To Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Garage doors are a part of your home that always need to be inspected to be sure that it is working correctly. The garage door is made up of many moving parts that may need to be replaced over time to improve safety. One thing that may need to be replaced at some point would be the garage door opener, either because of safety concerns or new technologies that would make your garage door easier for you to use. Here are five reasons to consider replacing your garage door opener:

  1. The Safety Reversal Doesn't Work: If the safety reversal doesn't work, then you must replace the garage door opener. This will ensure that if anything is in the way of the garage door being shut, it will reverse. This protects property from being damaged, as well as your kids and your pets from becoming injured. Test the reversal of your garage door regularly by sticking a roll of paper towels underneath the garage door and shutting it to be sure that it reverses. 
  2. The Garage Door is Noisy: If your garage door is noisy when opening and closing, you should consider replacing the garage door opener. Newer garage door openers have chains that are much quieter and don't easily succumb to rust, which causes the noise to start. Not only will your family appreciate the replacement of the opener, but your neighbors will also, especially if you use your garage door in the early hours of the day or late at night when people are trying to sleep.
  3. There is No Rolling Code Feature: Newer garage doors have a rolling code feature. This means that every time the garage door is used, the code to open and close it is changed. This is important for safety. Older garage doors had a fixed code that thieves could manipulate with certain technological tools that would allow them access to your garage. 
  4. There is No Keypad: Having a keypad to open and close your garage door from the outside can be really convenient, especially if you forget to bring your garage door remote opener with you. The keypad will sit right outside of your garage door and will recognize your fingerprint, which then opens the garage door for you. 
  5. There is No Battery Backup: A garage door opener with a battery backup is important because this allows you to continue to use the garage door as usual even if the power were to go out in your neighborhood. Without a battery backup, you could be stuck outside of your home in the case of a power outage. 

By knowing some of the reasons to replace your garage door opener, you can be sure that you understand what new features are available and whether or not it is the right choice for you and your family in the end. Contact a garage door repair professional for help installing a new unit.