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What Are The Different Types Of Water Well Pumps?

Before city water systems were in place, a well was the main source of water for many homeowners. In early years, a pump was used to bring the water up above the ground's surface so it could be taken inside the home using pails and buckets. As water pumps became more advanced, they were designed to pump water directly into the home through water lines.

In some areas of the world, water well pumps are still used to bring water into the homes of those people who do not live in areas where city water systems are available. These are some different types of water well pumps that are used for this purpose.

Jet Pumps 

Jet pumps are available for both shallow and deep water wells. These well pumps are located above the water level and attached to the side of the well. The pump uses centrifugal force to lift the water up out of the well and through a shaft.

Jet pumps must be primed with water to get them to begin pumping correctly. They are powered by electricity that must plug into an outlet inside or outside the home. Unfortunately, if the water runs dry at any time, the motor of the pump may burn out.

Submersible Pumps 

Submersible well pumps are installed and run underneath the water inside the well. They also use centrifugal force to pump the water up through the water lines and into the home. Submersible well pumps are available for a variety of different well sizes.

Submersible pumps are less expensive to purchase and install and do not need to be primed because they are already existing under the surface of the water. The electrical wires that run to the type of pump to give it power are also submersed in water and should be properly coated to prevent them from shorting out.

Piston Pumps 

Piston pumps are different from submersible and jet pumps because they use positive displacement to force the water out of the well and into the home. Piston pumps work well for narrow wells and work very well for both shallow and deep water wells.

These well pumps have a continuous rate of discharge and require very little maintenance. Piston pumps are more expensive than other types of well pumps; however, their ability to remove sand and gas from the water that comes into your home makes them well worth the extra expense.

Water well pumps allow those who live in extremely rural areas the ability to have clean running water inside their homes. With the recent advances that have been made in well pumps, they can provide a reliable way to have water in the home for many years. For more information about well pumps, visit T. W. Stanley & Son Well Pump & Plumbing Repair.