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Four Modern Spins On The Traditional Medicine Cabinet

Medicine cabinets can bring to mind old bathroom cabinets filled with cotton balls and medications. These days, there are many new features that medicine cabinets can offer that can help make time in the bathroom more efficient. Here are four new trends when it comes to medicine cabinets that you may want to consider in your next bathroom remodel.

1. Locking Sections

If you have prescription medications that you would like to keep locked, source a medicine cabinet that features a locking section. This will give you peace of mind and keep your little one safe as well. This way you can still keep medications all in one place and won't have to hide these elsewhere in your home. Having all medications in the bathroom will keep your routine and you will be less likely to forget taking your prescriptions.

2. Chargers and Docking Stations

Medicine cabinets that are equipped with electrical components can also offer up plug-ins for smartphones and MP3s. Docking stations connected to speaker systems can let you listen to music while in the bathroom and won't drain your battery. If you need to have your phone nearby while you are getting ready in the morning, having a medicine cabinet with phone plug-ins will keep your phone charged so you'll be ready to leave home with a full battery.

3. Refrigeration and Temperature Control

There are some items that one would like to keep in the bathroom, but that need to be refrigerated. This inadvertently causes our kitchens to become an extension of bathroom routines. The good news is there are medicine cabinets that now come with refrigeration components or temperature controls. Items such as amoxicillin or topical creams or face creams may need to be kept as specific temperatures and can stay in the bathroom.

4. Lighting Features Inside and Out

Medicine cabinets often double as a mirror in the bathroom for getting ready and for personal care. Having a light up option on your medicine cabinet can help with applying makeup and upkeep such as tweezing and facials. Lighting inside medicine cabinets to help with finding items if you don't want to turn on overhead lights in the dark or if you have vision problems.

If you are planning a bathroom remodel, not all medicine cabinets are created equal. In order to fully upgrade your bathroom with the newest features on offer, make sure to extend this to your medicine cabinet options as well. Keeping medications safe and utilize other features to make your bathroom an even more functional place in your home. Contact a cabinetry contractor, like Affordable Custom Enclosures, for more ideas.