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Go Green With Your Home Remodeling Project

Whether you are looking to enhance the value of your home or you seem to be outgrowing your space, a remodel can be a way to get a fresh start in your own home. A lot of waste is generated during a remodel. If you are concerned about the environmental effects you have during the remodel, there are some ways to do it in a greener way. Before you begin the construction process, you need to go through the planning stage. This is where you will want to look into greener methods of remodeling. Here are some tips to help you go green.

Watch What You Dispose

The materials you are demolishing are not all waste. In fact, demolition can be a big component of construction waste. About 29% of the waste stream is due to construction and demolition waste. When in the middle of the remodeling project, you want to be careful of what can be salvaged and what should be disposed of. Wood flooring, fixtures, and counter tops are just some of the things you can reuse or recycle. 

Get an Energy Audit Performed

Who doesn't want a home that is easier to maintain? By having an energy audit performed, you can reduce the amount of emissions your home is putting out. About 20% of carbon emissions are released from common home stock. During the remodeling process, you can avoid using materials that emit carbon emissions and switch to greener options. Some of these include switching to cork or bamboo instead of hardwoods and carpet or choosing linoleum instead of vinyl. Additionally, it will also help reduce your carbon footprint on the environment. 

Choose Greener Fixtures

The kitchen and the bathroom are the most popular rooms to remodel. Even with a small space, you can make a big impact in these rooms. If you plan to switch out your appliances in the kitchen, you will want to look for Energy Star rated appliances. Not only do these appliances use less energy, but you can get back some rebates on your purchases to help compensate for any additional costs you pay for these appliances. When it comes to the bathroom, you will want to use flow reducers on the shower and switch to low flow models for the toilets. This will help you reduce the amount of water you are using in the home.  For more information about construction and construction materials, contact a company like Lien Transportation Co.