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Signs That You Need To Quickly Call An Emergency Electrician For Your Home

As a homeowner you have to make sure that you have insight into electrical problems that require an emergency electrician. To help you understand when you would need the immediate help from a professional, you need to check out the following signs.

Black Marks Around The Holes In The Electrical Outlets

If you are noticing black marks around the electrical outlets, you need to stop using that outlet immediately. The outlet is turning black because it is burning. There could be a loose wire that is sparking whenever you use the outlet. If this is the case, then your electrician can simply tighten the wires for you. If it turns out that a wire is frayed thanks to a rodent, the electrician will need to replace the wire in order to prevent a fire from starting.

The Breaker Box Is Starting To Smell

Never assume that a breaker box will simply start to put off a bad odor because it is old. A well functioning breaker box will not put off any smells. If you do end up smelling something, it could be because there is a wire or breaker that is burning, even if it is nothing more than smoldering. It is a dangerous situation that needs addressed immediately by an emergency electrician. If it is left alone, it could result in a house fire.

All Of Your Lights Keep Flickering On And Off

If one single light is flickering, it is probably nothing more than a loose connection. Try to tighten the light bulb. If that does not work, it might be a loose connection in the fixture itself that can be simply tightened. However, if all of the lights in the house are flickering, there is a bigger issue at hand that an emergency electrician needs to check out. There might be a major problem with the main power line coming into your home. A skilled electrician will be able to determine whether the problem is something within the lines that you are responsible for or if it is something the electric company must handle on their end.

As you can see, the previously mentioned signs are just a sampling of what could happen in your home to cause you to need an emergency electrician. Should you experience any of those situations, or anything else that worries you, do not wait. Call a licensed emergency electrician, like those at Lowry Services: Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, as soon as possible so you and your family can rest peacefully at night without any fear.