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4 Signs You Need To Call An Electrical Contractor

Are you having electrical problems in your home? Some electrical problems can be easy to work around, which makes them rather tempting to ignore. But electrical problems can also be quite dangerous and only an electrical contractor will be able to tell you whether the situation is harmless or potentially hazardous. 

1. Your Breakers Keep Tripping

Do you find that your breakers are tripping once a month -- or even once a week? If you find that you need to reset your breakers often, there's likely a problem that needs to be addressed. It can be very easy to just flip the breakers and get everything working again, but there could be a fire hazard involved. Begin by checking all of your outlets to make sure that none of them are overloaded. If everything outward seems fine, it may be something internal.

2. You Sense Heat Coming From Your Walls

Is an outlet hot to the touch? Are some of your walls a little warmer than they should be? That might not be an overactive central heating system -- it could be a wiring issue. You should call an electrical contractor right away; this can be incredibly dangerous. 

3. Your Bathroom and Kitchen Outlets Don't Have GFCIs

Any outlets that are near water are usually required to have GFCIs -- ground fault circuit interrupters. If your outlets do not have GFCIs, they aren't safe. These GFCIs are set to trigger if water comes in contact with them or if an appliance connected to them overloads; the circuit will trip and turn off so that no one gets electrocuted! In the past, GFCIs didn't come standard. You can tell whether you have a GFCI outlet by looking between the two plugs. There should be a small "reset" button. An electrician can install GFCI outlets quickly.

4. Your Electricity Flickers

Do you notice that your lights dim a little when you plug something else in? Maybe you find that your computer randomly restarts or that your phone doesn't charge consistently. Intermittent electrical issues are more than just an inconvenience -- they can also be dangerous if they are representative of larger issues in your home. And even if they aren't dangerous, they could cause damage to appliances and electronics plugged into the outlets. Head these problems off at the pass by hiring a licensed electrician. An electrician can test the wiring throughout your home to locate problems that could be causing the power fluctuations. 

In general, you should never mess around with your electricity unless you are trained and know what you're doing. While it isn't illegal to make electrical modifications to your own home, you might have some difficulty when you attempt to sell it if you have completed any unlicensed electrical work.