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What The Sounds From Your Boiler Are Trying To Tell Yyou

A boiler used for heating purposes serves as one of the most important appliances in your home. Just consider how chilly your home would be on a cold winter day without it, to put this matter into perspective. Given its significance, knowing how to recognize a symbol that there is an underlying problem occurring with your boiler is important.

While this won't require you to put on your master technician hat, you should at least be familiar with some common sounds your boiler could make that may be signaling a problem:


If your broiler is making a whistling sound, there is no need to panic, but you do need to investigate the issue. Whistling is generally caused when air gets trapped on the inside of the boiler or because of a process known as kettling. Kettling occurs when water gets trapped inside the heat exchange. Fortunately, both of these problems are very easy to repair.

A repair generally involves removing the source of blockage that is either trapping the air or water. Generally, regular maintenance can help you avoid this type of issue altogether, so stay on top of your preventive maintenance schedule. Most boilers suggested that you have the unit inspected and serviced at least one every year to stay on top of these types of issues.


A banging or knocking type of sound is generally a sign that you've let a problem like kettling go on for too long. When not addressed in a reasonable amount of time, the water that gets trapped in the heat exchange can cause a lime-scale buildup.

As the lime-scale buildup accumulates, this can completely block the flow of water through the machine. Water that rests in the heat exchange will eventually generate an excessive amount of steam, causing the system to buckle and expand.

If you hear your boiler making a banging noise it's important to have it inspected right away. In some extreme cases, this lime-scale buildup could cause your boiler to explode because the excess steam puts an increased amount of pressure on the pressure relief valves. Even if you avoid this type of catastrophe, at the very least, this problem can cause significant internal damage.

The more familiar you are with the various sounds, the faster you can contact a professional to come repair your unit. The faster you repair your broiler, the loner it will last, saving you both time and money. To learn more, contact a company like Custom Comfort with any questions or concerns you have.