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How To Use Copper Nails To Kill A Tree

There are times when you might have a tree in your yard that you want to get rid of. Maybe it's located in the wrong place, keeping your garden from getting sunlight or damaging your driveway. Many trees are also extremely invasive, and can force out any other plants around them. An example of this is the stink tree (named for its highly offensive odor). Other trees can drop nuts or fruits that can damage your lawnmower. While you might use commercial chemicals or salt to kill a tree, both of these approaches can seriously damage anything growing around the tree. Either of these two approaches might even leave you with a piece of land where nothing can grow. This is why copper nails can be the ideal solution for getting rid of a tree, since they can kill the tree without any lasting damage to your lawn. The following will show you how to do this.

What You Will Need

  • Hammer

  • Copper Nails

  • Mud

Step 1. Use a hammer to drive in a copper nail at the base of the tree, making sure it's angled downward. While you can use any size nail you like, longer and wider nails are generally more effective, since they provide a greater surface area for the copper to be exposed to the tree. In addition, a longer nail will mean you will get deeper penetration.

Step 2. Hammer more nails into the tree along the base, with a half inch space between each nail. You want to form a ring of nails around the tree trunk. This approach will increase how much copper transfers into the trees, which in turn will maximize how many growth cells are damaged by the copper. Although many people believe that only a single nail is sufficient to kill a tree, this is not the case. A single nail would only work for a very small tree. Most trees are going to require much more than that.

Step 3. For aesthetic reasons, you'll probably want to cover the heads of the nails with mud. This will help to conceal the nails (to an extent). Otherwise, the bright copper will be very obvious to anyone in your yard. This way, you can preserve the appearance of your yard until such time as the tree is dead and can be removed.

Step 4. It's very important that (once the tree is dead) you remove all of the nails before the tree is actually taken down. Otherwise, these nails could could easily injure someone or damage any equipment used to remove the dead tree.

Talk to a tree expert, such Jerry's Tree Service, for more information.