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How To Add Lights Under Your Countertops

Countertop workspaces which have dim lighting are a result of poor planning and design. Manufacturers have created a variety of options to rectify these bad lighting issues by making use of modern technology. There is no reason to put up with poor lighting when there are several affordable products available specifically designed to light just about any countertop workspaces.


Rope lighting consists of long strands of lights covered with a hose like wrapping or coating made of plastic. While the lights are fairly small, they also are capable of providing enough power to light up just about any countertop. Rope lighting is made in several different sizes, with most being sufficiently small to tuck underneath the lip area in front cabinets.

You can also link together different links of lights. Rope lights are both convenient and quick to install. They also use less power than more conventional lighting options. These lights plug into wall outlets and have a switch that can be turned off and on at one end.


Puck lights offer an affordable, convenient lighting alternative for your countertops. Puck lights look a bit like hockey pucks in that they are, flat, thin and round. This type of lighting uses small diodes that emanate a powerful light. They can be tucked away from sight underneath most countertops. Puck lights offer you a more focused lighting option than rope lighting, since you can shine light directly where it's needed. Some types of puck lighting are powered by batteries. Others can be wired together so that they can be plugged into your wall outlet and then turned on with just one switch. If you prefer convenience and simplicity, opt for the battery-powered lights.


Many builders choose to install fluorescent lighting for countertops. Fluorescent tubes can flood a countertop with far-reaching illumination. They are also fairly small and can be tucked underneath a cabinet lip, although not as much so as puck or rope lights. Many homeowners like the cool or blueish light that these lights produce, as well as the energy-efficiency that they offer.


For some homeowners, plug-in or battery powered lights offer the best aftermarket option for countertop lighting. However, another approach is to wire the lights underneath your counter directly into the existing electrical system. This method allows you to completely hide wires from view and you can operate the lights using your wall switch.

Choosing this option does cost a bit more, since you will need to hire a professional to do the required electrical work. At the same time, it will add value to the home. Also, if you're building a new home, this type of system is by far the best choice. To learn more, contact a company like Suburban Construction Inc. with any questions you have.