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Questions About Common Problems Experienced By Pools

Your swimming pool was a major investment in your home, and if these devices are not properly maintained, there is a strong chance that they will encounter some problems. If you have only recently purchased a pool, you may not understand what to do when these problems arise. In particular, there are a couple of questions that you may need answered the next time your pool encounters these issues. 

How Can You Determine If The Pool Is Leaking?

You may suspect that your pool is leaking water. Whether it is from having to constantly fill the pool or noticing moist spots on the ground around the pool, a leak can cause major problems to your yard. Over time, this leak can erode the foundation under the pool, and it can cause the contour of the soil around the pool to drastically change.

Luckily, there is a way for you to determine if your pool is leaking long before these damages arise. Leak detection sensors should be placed around the foundation of the pool, and these devices will constantly monitor the soil for drastic changes in moisture levels. In addition to alerting you to the presence of a leak, these sensors can also let you know where the leak is actually occurring. 

Why Do In-ground Pools Develop Bulges In The Sides?

Many people install in-ground pools with the idea that they will never have to worry about the sides of the pool developing major structural issues. However, depending on the material used, it is possible for bulges to develop. This is particularly common for fiberglass pools. 

These bulges develop when the soil bracing the walls of the pool starts to erode away. When this happens, the sides can be too weak to support the intense weight of the water in the pool, and if this problem is not corrected, the bugle can eventually rupture. Luckily, this problem can be corrected by excavating some of the soil away from the sides and adding rocks and dirt to the area that erode.

When your pool encounters a problem, it can cause major issues for your home,  and it can be very expensive to get in-ground pool repair. Yet, most homeowners that have only recently had a pool installed may not understand the various threats that can arise. By understanding that you can monitor for leaks and the importance of having bulges corrected, you will be in a better position to keep your pool problem free.