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What Are Vessel Sinks And What Are Their Advantages?

A vessel sink is a type of sink used in residential bathrooms that is typically bowl shaped, though occasionally they are rectangular, and made from materials such as granite, copper, glass, stainless steel, or porcelain. Vessel sink design is typically reminiscent of the wash basin, which is generally considered the earliest type of sink. The vessel sink unit is usually placed atop a counter or pedestal:

Homeowners who are contemplating a bathroom remodel project might want to consider the following advantages of vessel sinks when deciding on a new bathroom vanity:

  • Style and aesthetics- Having a vessel sink installed is a quick and easy way to give a bathroom a look that is stylish and contemporary. Vessel sinks tend to have a high-end look and contribute conspicuous panache to a bathroom. While they can have a modern, classy look, vessel sinks can also be found that create an old-fashioned or rustic feel, especially those which are made out of a material like copper. 
  • Versatility- Vessel sinks come in a variety of different designs and sizes. Their sculptural nature makes them a very versatile design piece in the bathroom. In addition to choosing from different shapes and materials, homeowners can also choose from among different faucet designs to go along with a vessel sink. 
  • Convenience- The simple and quick process of installing a vessel sink makes this type of sink highly convenient. Because the vessel sink unit is separate from the counter or pedestal that supports it, it can be easily transported to a home and installed into a bathroom. After a vessel sink is installed, it's a fairly simple process to swap it out for a different sink at a later date when the homeowner wants a new look. 
  • Comfort- Usually, vessel sinks are higher than traditional undermount sinks. This makes them more comfortable to use and more ergonomic for users of a variety of different heights- especially for taller individuals. However, the best way to maximize the comfort of using a bathroom sink is to consult with an interior designer or plumber regarding the ideal height. 
  • Optimization of space- Vessel sinks tend to free up some counter space or floor space. If they are placed atop a counter, they can protect the counter from being splashed with water while also providing extra room for keeping vanity items close at hand. If they are placed on a pedestal, they free up floor space and give the area around the sink an airy, open feel. 

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